Training Class

Today, more than ever, Human Resources are the capital of a Company. The challenge is to promote targeted skills and engagement.
The concept of flow is central again. Its presence correlate with higher results, a more effective people management style and with the promotion of a positive and change-oriented climate.
for a company - leadership, diversity management, team working - our insights have recently focused on the phenomenon of stress. This is in line with the legeslative decree 81 (9/04/2008) - the well-known Testo Unico sulla Sicurezza - that made work-related stress assessment statutory by law. Such a complex issue needs a cross-disciplinary approach and evokes interventions based on a plurality of skills and competencies.

Tailor-made, outlined and shared with the company, it includes classroom of one or more days and a follow-up. Lectures, case studies, self-assessment, role plays and media content analysis are planned.

It may involve work teams, functional groups, single Units.