Olympic Games, London 2012. Our fencers triumph in team events. It is the victory that goes beyond the talent of the individual: athletes are not alone. They are with those who selected, trained, and accompanied them.

A team with different competencies supporting a team of champions. In business, this concept is well known. But if it is a great champion talking about them, words are much more touching. Episodes happened in the dressing room, a time-out, the exchange field. All this has a special flavor if told by those who have won a lot

The testimony of sport champions - athlete, coach or manager - are supported by a business consultant and a representative of the Company. Topics are shared with the company. They include: delegation, identity, talent, vision, leadership, goal-setting, diversity management.
The speech is marked by the use of images and videos of strong emotional impact.

Testimonies can fit in business conventions or support and inspire business meetings. They may involve the entire population, work groups, functional groups, single Units.