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Coaching by Action

The starting point with the Champion

An in-depth study of the action of the 9 dimensions, considered individually, contributed to the birth of Coaching by Action ®, in which the strong cognitive and emotional involvement of coaches, coachees and sports trainers accelerates the development of trust, promotes empathy and communication.

The synergy between sports experience and coaching – according to the cognitive behavioral model – promotes the empowerment of soft skills, team building and team working skills.

Not unlike what is proposed by business coaching, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback sessions can be used to support the work plan:

  • in the assessment phase in order to objectively and quantitatively measure the psychophysiological characteristics of the coachee, to verify improvements over time
  • within the work plan through training sessions aimed at improving the control of physiological and biometric parameters.

Il Coaching by Action ® includes:

  • initial three-party contract (company, coachee, coach): contents and methods are shared, designed and implemented on the basis of specific company needs
  • 1/2 sessions of sports practice. Tailored choice of discipline; among these, golf, fencing, reining (equestrian practice), diving
  • 6/8 individual coaching sessions
  • 1/2 shadow coaching sessions
  • follow up

Who is it for:

To whom, in the company or in an organization – Managers, Top Managers, Entrepreneurs – plays a responsibility role.