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From Sport to Business

Well being and results

The research project conducted, starting from 1998, allowed the validation of the Flow State Scale, through the support of the application of the model to a large sample of Italian athletes.

Starting from the early 2000s, the transposition of the Flow model in the business environment underlines the interesting opening to other scenarios, thus re-evaluating the emotional-cognitive-motivational interaction in the perception of work experience.

In this regard, our professional experiences, in line with the research carried out in the corporate context, show that, when individuals reach the state of flow, great advantages derives from it in terms of well-being and engagement.

The latter, in fact, in its cognitive and emotional aspect, is significantly correlated to an improvement in performance, results and company profits and a general level of satisfaction, as well as to lower levels of absenteeism.

The multidimensional structure of the Flow construct, when applied to a corporate setting, assumes that, in order to achieve an optimal state of functioning, the individual needs challenging tasks, clear, realistic objectives and adequate feedback.

In this sense, an assessment tool such as the Flow State Scale can contribute to the initiation of empowerment projects, in many respects comparable to the mental training of the champion.