Flow For Excellence 2.0

Measure your skills. Upgrade your performance

The most recent results in neuroscience enable a new paradigm in the field of mental training for athletes and coaching in the corporate setting.

Flow For Excellence 2.0

The proposal is based on the integration of the most advanced instrumental neuro-potentiation techniques (bio-neuro-feedback) and established empowerment paths. Research and professional experience: the presence of specialists in the field of bio-neurofeedback allows the design of individual paths to improve wellbeing, a prerequisite for achieving peak performance.

Goal and instrumental measurements

Innovation consists in the possibility of answering the questions of the world of work and of those who work in high-level sport, in which the cents make the difference. In fact, it allows - through numerical indicators, therefore measurable - the monitoring and quantification of the results of an empowerment process.

“Gold standard”, latest generation instrumentation

It is the bio-neurofeedback used by top performers in the military, sports and managerial fields.

The instrumentation consists of:

  • a series of sensors applied on the body that allow to measure biometric signals - such as, for example - electrocardiographic and electroencephalographic ones
  • sophisticated systems of real-time processing of the psychophysiological state of the coachee, with consequent significant repercussions in the path of the development of its potential.

The mental training courses for sport and business coaching have been studied and developed in collaboration with Mensior, an innovative startup specialized in the management of neurophysiological signals.

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