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Flow for Excellence 2.0

Measure your skills. Upgrade your performance.

"I would like to have answers that are not limited to the important sensations... while training, as well as monitoring my WATT, knowing and measuring my mental state, is no small matter at all."

Giulio Molinari, professional triathlete specialising in long distances

The neuroscience to win

A simple piece of equipment: inside a band placed on the forehead there are sensors which collect electroencephalographic data sent in real time to a smartphone app.
Our algorithms transform this numerical data into quantitative index that are useful for interpreting the components underlying flow and for integrating it with those provided by the instruments used for training (e.g. indoor bike).

The results: for the athlete, a 360-degree reference of the training performed, resulting in greater awareness and self-efficacy.
For the support staff - increasingly interdisciplinary - complicity, alignment with the objectives in a constant challenge.

Key words: well-being, optimal performance, results.