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The Magic Equilibrium

A logo created by the “painter of happiness”

Stanley Kubrick said: “I was never sure that the moral of the Icarus story had to be “Don’t try to fly higher”, as it is generally understood and I wondered if it could not be interpreted in a different way: forget wax and feathers and build more solid wings“.

The logo represents the tension towards the goal. A podium, a ladder in perpetual balance tends to the wings of Leonardo. It is Flow: the search for ever higher challenges. But that poised ladder indicates the role of well-being, awareness and mastery. The keywords when it comes to Flow.

The author is Giuliano Ghelli. Its bright colors express “the awareness of happiness for being an artist and the confidence in the possibilities of the human race.”

All his research and accomplishments seem to slip lightly into an ideal Flow.

Giuliano Ghelli was an Italian painter and sculptor, who died in 2014.

Sport was also his passion: in 2000 he exhibited a solo show in Sydney in the occasion of the Olympic Games. Self-taught, his research starts informally and then draws inspiration from Pop art and Surrealism in figurative forms. He lived and worked in the Florentine Chianti.

In 1992 he was at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan with “Travelling with Leonardo.” In 1995 he created a series of large paintings for Mercedes-Benz Italy. In 2000 he exhibited in a solo show in Sydney Olympic Games. In 2002, his colorful busts became the “Prize Milan for Fashion”.
In 2003 he realized his official Calendar for Toyota Japan. In 2008, at the launch of the new Fiat 500, it creates a unique model of the car for the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo. In 2009 he painted the Palio of Siena .

He had over one hundred of his personal exhibitions in public and private galleries: he has exhibited in the U.S.A, Japan, Australia, Germany, Belgium, Greece, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia.