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Coaching for Trainers and Managers

When the sideline makes the difference

Whoever becomes a coach or a manager often has a more or less winning experience as a player in the past. However, training or managing men is not the same as playing: today, even more, technique and tactics are only the starting point.

The role of the coach and his/her daily relationship with the players, play a fundamental role for the team: knowing the characteristics of one’s own functioning and the one of individual athletes promotes awareness, trust and team work.

Coach and sport psychologist: 
multicompetence to improve the resilience 

Coaching promotes awareness and empowerment.

It is addressed to coaches and managers, aimed at supporting the emotional-motivational resources of players and combining them to acquire technical and tactical elements.


By the analysis of strengths and the identification of critical areas, coaching leads to the improvement of leadership, engagement, communication, team working, and team management.

The method:

  • individual sessions, coaching in meetings
  • training observations, possibility of presence on the competition field
  • video analysis and on-line meeting
  • training courses – based on lectures, role playing, group work, self-assessment tools and case analysis

Our experience identifies, in the following issues, the topics of greatest interest and criticality:

  • the coach’s skills (role management, communication, goal-oriented work, player and team attitude / behavioral assessment, conflict management)
  • team building: building team identity and a sense of belonging
  • players’ motivation