Mental Training

Does your mind makes the difference?

It is the secret of great champions and an opportunity for empowerment even for those who dream of becoming one. It is an articulated program of psychological training, using specific techniques and cutting-edge tools. This approach allows to measure, in an objective and quantitative way, the psychophysiological characteristics of the athlete, to verify their improvements over time.

The goals:

General: strengthening of the condition of physical and mental well-being, a prerequisite for achieving optimal performance and reducing the risk of accidents

Specific: greater awareness and control of one's physiological reactions, resulting in the achievement of better activation and concentration skills

The work plan

In the theoretical framework of Positive Psychology, Biofeedback and Neurofeedback tools integrate mental training sessions, in which the concept of Flow must be understood as a point of departure and arrival. It involves an initial analysis of the strengths and critical areas, and, during the work plan, their review according to a cognitive-behavioral model.

It involves the following stages:

It involves:

  • on-site meetings
  • field activities
  • home working
  • video
  • analysis
  • online meeting

Who is it for:

Mental training can take on different meanings and goals, which vary according to the individual athlete and factors such as: gender, competitive life cycle, technical level, type of discipline. The themes mostly requested for intervention are: pre-competition anxiety, poor self-efficacy, demotivation, problems of resilience and anti-fragility, communication difficulties between and in the managerial technical staff. The involvement of the technical and managerial staff and the family environment is of fundamental importance.

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