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Training Class

Engagement and Proactivity

In the classroom, the theme of Flow is central, even if declined in the concept of engagement, an area of optimal functioning, eustress: only a few years ago, in fact, in Italy we started talking about Flow.

Knowing it, however, could mean opening up to better results, an expression of an adequate style of managing people, building a positive and change-oriented climate.

Among the most in-depth topics: leadership, change management, anti-fragility, diversity management, safety / work-related stress.

dallo sport all'azienda

The latter is of particular interest, after the Legislative Decree 81 of 9 April 2008 – the so-called Consolidated Law on Safety – introduced in Italy the obligation to assess work-related stress.

The theme, of strong social and economic value, has much wider boundaries, if considered from a human point of view. Alongside the objective safety factors, the subjective ones, which means relating to the complexity of the person in the social context, it is an increasing space of interest.

In this sense, the topic requires an interdisciplinary approach and calls for multi-competitive interventions.
Our training proposal, after rigorous theoretical insights, should be read within the theoretical framework of Positive psychology: it presents a development path that from the concepts of distress, apathy and boredom, focuses on Flow and eustress.

The formula:

Tailor, shared and planned with the company, provides classroom commitments of 1 or more days followed by follow-up. At a methodological level, lectures, case studies, self assessment, role play and multimedia content analysis are provided.

Who to:

It can involve work teams, cross-functional groups, single units.