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Business Coaching

Well-being to make a difference

Coaching, a term translated from the sport’s world, indicates a consultative process in which guidance, motivational support and monitoring are performed in synergy of behaviors and attitudes.

This is a path aimed at ensuring an ever broader managerial vision of professional activity: a way to address complexity from different angles, using various languages ​​to integrate and connect the different aspects of reality.

As in Mental Training for high-level sportsmen, the coachee acquires, through a targeted path, greater awareness of the strengths and criticalities on which to intervene.

Both on an individual level and in the organizational context.

Business Pills are deigned on the key concepts of Positive Psychology and case studies are revisited and restructured according to a cognitive-behavioral approach which characterizes the path, in which, not unlike mental training in sport, the concept of Flow plays a central role.

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback sessions are integrates in the work plan. This approach allows to measure, in an objective and quantitative way, the psychophysiological characteristics of the coachee, to verify improvements over time.

Coaching includes the following activities:

  • demand analysis
  • three-party contract to share, design and implement with specific contents and objectives between the company, coachee and coach
  • psychodiagnostic and instrumental assessment – measurement of psychophysiological parameters  – aimed at identifying strengths and areas for improvement relating to management skills and role interpretation
  • Individual and Shadow Coaching sessions
  • final assessment for the preparation of the company report, with qualitative and quantitative evidence of the results obtained
  • follow up

Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training sessions, can be proposed and agreed on within the work plan if functional to the goals.

In particular:

  • Respiratory training through Biofeedback, to improve resistance to stress and resilience thanks to the improvement of cardiac variability and the control of one’s physiological parameters.
  • Biofeedback and Neurofeedback training to learn how to modulate one’s Mental Waves – scientifically called “Neural Oscillation” – and one’s biometric parameters, in alignment with the goals to be achieved.

Who is it for:

to whom in the company – Managers, Top Managers, Entrepreneurs – plays a leading role