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Live the Flow

Learning by action: beyond your comfort zone

Live the Flow® is a complex training methodology, in which sport is integrated with training classes, video analysis, role plays, case studies and mental training.

The sporting experience, offered by both sport champions and business consultants, leads participants beyond their comfort zone. It enhances awareness, promotes personal reflection and comparison among groups.

The choice of the sport discipline varies according to business needs, number of people, seasonality and budget:

  • Team Sport: snow activities (for example dog sledding, ) American football, basketball, rugby, volleyball and sailing (drifts).
  • Individual discipline: Individual sports: golf, fencing, archery and sailing (cabin), cross country skiing and snowshoeing, gliding, free-climbing, scuba diving and reining (equestrian activities).

Who to:

The number of participants may vary according to discipline and training objectives: we turned, with equal success, to small groups (minimum 12-15) or entire organizational populations (350 people).


Beyond your comfort zone, but not only…

Destinations and scenarios push participants beyond their comfort zone.

This is the specificity of Adventure, based on the same methodological assumptions of Live the Flow experiences.


We provide training modules, such as desert raids by motorcycles and jeeps, team hydrospeed, rafting, climbing, routes to the North with the Postal and photographic experiences in extreme environments.


Single Units, Executives / Top managers, interdepartmental work groups.