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Outplacement Mentoring

It’s hard to get off the podium

“Moving on from a sport career into a new life made of new commitments hasn’t been easy. As athletes, we have fundamental and precious life skills. Acknowledging this, and transforming them to approach the business world, is the key to a healthy outplacement

Miranda Giambelli, olimpionica ai Giochi di Rio de Janeiro 2016

Outplacement in sport is still little talked about.

Yet the final stages of a sports career are among the most complex. Change, a daily routine away from training and competition commitments create resistance and uncertainty. A new life, far from the bright lights of the stage: a grief to be processed.

Outplacement mentoring supports this change: it promotes the enhancement of potential, its transfer into the social context.

A late entry into working life, but rich in experience and skills.

The method involves:

  • individual sessions and targeted tools: construction of CVs, analysis of the potential employment market

  • accompaniment in new professional entries

To whom:

Athletes in activity, in view of the end of their career.