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The starting point

A mental state of Flow is the base from which the mental training program starts: a path towards self confidence and consciousness.

Our mental training (program) must keep these four factors into account:

  • structural: oriented towards analysis and consideration of the athlete’s psychological conformation;
  • functional: for an optimization of the elaboration processes of the cognitive system’s information;
  • psychophysiological: oriented towards the modulation of psycho-physical reactivity;
  • systemic: for a situated athlete’s conceptualization in the referring social contexts

At the same time, the mental preparation program must be shared with the athlete, and includes three specific moments:

  • Education, aimed at developing the knowledge of how mental abilities influence performance and acknowledge their trainability;
  • Learning, moment of acquisition of techniques and strategies necessary to the development of different mental abilities;
  • Training, stage aimed at automatizing mental abilities and their transfer to the challenge / competition.